Cureline Group and CMS Management Team

The Cureline Group management team is well known and respected among members of the scientific community. We are committed to providing the highest quality services which will help you to achieve your research program goals. The experienced team of life sciences PhDs with translational research biotech and pharma experience and MD-level experts in the clinical network management provides direct support for our clients’ research programs in translational and precision medicine aiming at biomarker and drug discovery, development of molecular and companion diagnostics (CDx), test validation studies and new product development. CMS team members experience and knowledge allow us to understand our clients research goals and act as an ideal partner for your scientific programs. We offer excellence in understanding these research areas:

  • Translational and precision medicine for drug R&D and CDx (multiple TA)
  • Over a 100+ years of combined experience in Life Sciences Research, including areas of Pharmacology & Drug Development, Biochemistry, Human Genetics, Molecular & Cell Biology, Clinical Research, and others
  • HBS biobanking and consulting on biospecimen selection for your project
  • Custom research protocol design, development, transfer, and implementation
  • Use of molecular analytes, primary cells, and cell fractions for translational research
  • Excellence in fresh tumor analysis (DTC, 3D-Histoculture, etc.)
  • Extensive knowledge of Abs development and characterization
  • Glycoproteomics (biomarkers discovery and validation).


Olga Potapova, PhD

CEO and Scientific Director, Cureline
Managing Partner, CMS

Olga Potapova is an expert in biotechnology, life sciences, business development, and international alliance management. Since 2003, Dr. Potapova is leading the Cureline Group with excellence in the area of precision medicine, translational medicine research and laboratory services. Previously she worked in the fields of cancer research (NIH and Pfizer/SUGEN), human molecular genetics and genomics, oncology drug R&D, and translational medicine. Since 2010 Dr. Potapova is the TCGA and CPTAC (NIH, USA) Principal Investigator. She has advanced degrees in Physics and Biochemistry and has received multiple AACR/AFLAC awards, NIH and NATO fellowships.


Vladislav Golubkov, PhD

Sr. Director, Cureline Molecular Services
Research Project Director, Cureline

Dr. Golubkov has extensive expertise in Molecular and Cell Biology with academic and industry experience and excellent publications record. He is a the TCGA and CPTAC NIH programs Co-Principal Investigator and Cureline Laboratory Director since 2014. Vlad previously worked at the University of Southern California (USC, Los Angeles, CA) and the Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute (SBMRI, La Jolla, CA). His research interests include molecular mechanisms of oncogenesis, cancer progression and metastasis, drug target discovery and diagnostic biomarkers. PhD in Cell Biology (1999). Specialties: Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cancer Research.