Quality Control Services and Samples

CMS area of excellence is Molecular and Cell Biology services for translational science and precision medicine programs, including manipulations with biofluid cellular fractions and tissue components (cells, DNA, RNA, proteins), comprehensive molecular analyses (proteomics, glycoproteomics, genomics) and cell-based assays. As a part of Cureline Group, CMS also provides access to biospecimen acquisition, translational histopathology, human and animal tissue management and proprietary glycoproteomic technology.

CMS provides comprehensive quality control for all biospecimens processed / analyzed in our laboratory using appropriate techniques and protocols.

All primary cells, including PBMC, BMMS, disassociated tumor cells (DTC, total cell suspension), etc. are checked for viability and integrity using a Countess II Automated Cell Counter (TFS) and consequently frozen in cell freezing medium (10% DMSO, 90 % FCS). Frozen specimens are stored in LN2 and will be shipped on dry ice.

Nucleic acids analytes (DNA and RNA) are isolated from various types of specimens with corresponding reagents manually or using QIAcube (with QIAGEN spin-column kits). Other commercially available reagents can be specified by Customer. DNA purity will be analyzed with a NanoDrop 2000 (A260/280, A260/230, concentration). RIN score will be determined using Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer.


Specific QC Samples can be requested per your protocol specifications from our laboratory for the internal product validation or product development use.