Cryopulverization Service and FFCP tissues.

Cureline Molecular Service LLC (CMS) specializes in Biospecimen processing and molecular characterization, extraction of nucleic acids and proteins, isolation of primary cells and conducting cell based assays since 2019 alongside with access to a variety of human biospecimen for R&D. Frozen tissues can be difficult to handle resulting in degradation of valuable biomarkers. We offer our clients a
special discount in 2024 on the preparation of frozen human and animal tissue for RNA, DNA and protein isolation using a proprietary NO-THAW TM tissue cryopulverization protocol developed by CMS.

The cryopulverized sample format is highly recommended for sensitive downstream analytical methods.
Preparation of frozen tissue powder aliquots allows:
  • retaining biomolecule integrity found in original tissue sample
  • improving tissue solubility in lysis buffers
  • increasing yield and integrity of nucleic acids and proteins
  • better extraction efficiency of biomarkers for multiple downstream analyses (RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, PCR, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, etc.)
  • use of individual aliquots for a variety of applications.
We can use in-house or customer-provided tissue specimens for processing: a frozen tissue is
cryopulverized, weighed in frozen state and prepared as 100mg standard aliquots (other size is available
upon request). Aliquots are shipped on dry ice, ready for downstream applications!


Cureline Clinical Network provides access to tissue samples from clinically defined consented donors in a
Flash Frozen Cryopulverized (FFCP) format. These specimens have been prepared in compliance with the
Cureline ISO 9001:2015 certified QM system.
Tissue is collected and prepared by a certified medical professional, and flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen.
Frozen tissue is prepared using a NO-THAW TM tissue cryopulverization protocol developed by CMS. FFCP
tissue aliquots are ready for DNA, RNA and protein extraction using common protocols and
commercially available kits. Just add an appropriate lysis buffer and proceed with the extraction
Easy to use – just add buffer! 

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