Projects for Immuno-Oncology Research

CMS area of excellence is Molecular and Cell Biology services for translational science and precision medicine programs, including manipulations with biofluid cellular fractions and tissue components (cells, DNA, RNA, proteins), comprehensive molecular analyses (proteomics, glycoproteomics, genomics) and cell-based assays. Cureline is the first and on of the best custom protocol CRO providers in conducting Immuno-Oncology projects with primary HBS tissue and cell suspensions (DTC and PBMC / BMMC).  


Fresh tumor tissue is used to prepare thin viable tissue sections that processed for 3D Histoculture using the Mcllwain Tissue Chopper in aseptic conditions, according to the protocol established at Cureline, Inc. For Immuno-Oncology investigations the 3D Histoculture is treated with Customer’s compounds in comparison to the standard of care according to the designated treatment schedule. After the treatment, tissue and conditioned medium (supernatant) from each experimental point will be collected and processed per Customer’s request (tissue can be snap-frozen or prepared as FFPE blocks). Cureline Biopathology provides a full range of tissue processing  and analysis (FFPE, IHC, etc.)

DTC (Dissociated Tumor Cells)

DTC (total tumor cell suspension) is prepared using enzymatic treatment, according to the protocol established at Cureline, Inc. These cell could be used for functional studies in Immuno-Oncology (biomarker investigation, target engagement, drug sensitivity studies). CMS provides full range of services and can support your studies with DTC samples.