Trusted Partner for Your Research Projects

Cureline experienced team of life sciences PhDs with translational research biotech and pharma experience and clinical network management MD level experts provides consulting and direct support for our clients’ research programs in translational and precision medicine aiming at biomarker and drug discovery, development of molecular and companion diagnostics (CDx), test validation studies and new product development. We bring to you a broad clinical and scientific expertise.

Standard and Custom Study Design Services

CMS provides comprehensive support for the translational science and precision medicine programs, including consulting on biospecimen selection for your project and HBS procurement; HBS validation studies design and management; customer protocol development and implementation for fresh HBS processing; experimentation with primary human cultures (cells and tissues, stem cells); development and characterization of Abs and working with protein assays, etc.

We have developed collaborations with centers of excellence, academic and industrial partners for biomarker discovery, validation and development with an emphasis on proprietary glycoproteomic technology (BioCryptonTM). Please contact us for more information.

Please visit individual CMS pages for additional information on:

  • HUMAN BIOSPECIMENS (HBS) – global access, consented and clinically-characterized donors
  • DNA, RNA, Protein lysates – isolation and analyses.
  • PRIMARY CELLS (PBMC, BMMC, DTC, stem cells): from blood, bone marrow, lipoaspirates,
    normal and tumor tissues, etc.
  • CELL-BASED ASSAYS: Cell-based assays (cell viability, proliferation, migration,
    invasion, immuno-oncology assays), ELISA
  • TISSUE PROCESSING (human, animal) – preclinical and clinical samples (including 3D-histoculture)
  • ANTIBODY characterization and validation
  • BIOMARKER discovery and validation (Proteomics, Genomics, Glycoproteomics)